Template page

Heading 1

To copy the template: click on the the square containing three dots and a downward pointing arrow. Then click on "edit" to copy the template and the corresponding syntax.

Heading 2

Here you can introduce the content. You may opt to use a numbered list, in which case you can simply add text in between the items of the "FANCYLIST" item. To create a new point on the list, simply add the number and one parenthesis 1), 2), etc.
This will be the result:

  1. Point 1

  2. Point 2

You may also want to make text bold. You can do this by selecting the text and pressing the "B" button in the upper left corner on the editing page. If you want text to begin on a new line within a list, simply add three percentage symbols before the text that you want to start on the new line.


References are put in bullet lists, by adding an asterisk before the hyperlink. You can add a hyperlink to a reference by putting the URL and the preferred title in between squared brackets, separated by a vertical bar (i.e., the pipe symbol | ). The URL goes on the left-hand side and the text that you want to display on screen goes on the right-hand side. Alternatively, you can also first add the text you would like to be displayed on screen, select that text, and then press the "external link" button in the editor (the square with an outgoing arrow in the upper right-hand corner).

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